The old Peoples House in Copenhagen


The old Peoples House has since 1982 functioned as a selfgoverning alternative youth house, called Ungdomshuset, situated at Jagtvej 69 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The building was completed on the 12. November 1897, although its name was at first "Folkets hus" (The People's House). At that time, the place functioned as one of the resorts for the then-incipient labour movement of Copenhagen. Seeing that labour organisations were not very popular in the eyes of the authorities, and reprisals often were carried out against them, the working class had to build their own headquarters – Folkets hus was the fourth of these to be built. Several demonstrations and meetings were planted their roots in Folkets hus, and as a result it enjoyed a significant connection to the great demonstration against unemployment in 1918 when workers stormed the Danish Stock Exchange(Børsen). In 1910, The Second International held an International Women's conference at the house, declaring 8th March as International Women's Day. The promoter was Clara Zetkin (1857-1933), the German Social Democrat. Great persons as Vladimir Lenin and Rosa Luxemburg have also held speeches in the house.

In 1982 Folkets Hus was assigned to a group of young people – the original founders of Ungdomshuset – although the municipality of Copenhagen still owned the building. It was at this time that the building was given its current name: Ungdomshuset.

In 1999 the building was set for sale to the highest bidder by the municipality. A company called Human A/S bought the building and sold it to the extremist right-wing christian sect, "Faderhuset".

Faderhuset and their leader, Ruth Evensen have recently asked the municipal council of Copenhagen for a permission to demolish the house. The politicians of the city council will probably vote for a demolishion, because thy don't see the house as worth keeping, not for architectonical reasons, not even for historical reasons.

Read more about the house on:

Please send a protest now!

To all groups concerning the preservation of Folkets Hus, Jagtvej 69, Copenhagen, Denmark:
The City Council of Copenhagen had their final meeting about this issue on Thursday the 8th of February, where they voted positive for a demolishion of the old Folkets Hus.
We think it is a shame and a total disgrace.
Please send a protest mail to all of the members of the following administration, and a letter to the Lord Mayor Ritt Bjerregaard and her fellows:
Lord Mayor Ritt Bjerregaard


Rådhuset, 1599 København. V, Denmark

Mayor, Klaus Bondam, Email:
Mayor Mikkel Warming Email:
Mayor Martin Geertsen Email:
Mayor Jakob Hougaard Email:
Mayor Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard Email:
Mayor Mogens Lønborg Email:

Tell them about your organisation and why you want to preserve the old Folkets Hus.
With love
The Zetkin 1910 Group

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Who was Clara Zetkin?

Clara Zetkin (1857 - 1933)

Clara Zetkin
Clara Zetkin (1857-1933)
Clara Zetkin, maiden name Eissner (born 5 July 1857 in Wiederau, Saxony; died 20 June 1933 in Archangelskoye near Moscow) was an influential socialist German politician and a fighter for women's rights. Until 1917 she was active in the Social Democratic Party of Germany, then she joined the Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany (USPD) and its far-left wing, the Spartacist League; this later became the Communist Party of Germany (KPD), which she represented in the Reichstag during the Weimar Republic from 1920 to 1933.

Early life as Socialist

Having studied to become a teacher, Zetkin developed connections with the women's movement and the labour movement in Germany from 1874. In 1878 she joined the Socialist Workers' party (Sozialistische Arbeiterpartei, SAP). This party had been founded in 1875 by merging two previous parties: the ADAV formed by Ferdinand Lassalle and the SDAP of August Bebel and Wilhelm Liebknecht. In 1890 its name was changed to its modern version Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD).

Because of the ban on socialist activity in Germany placed by Bismarck in 1878, Zetkin left for Zurich in 1882 then went into exile in Paris. During her time in Paris she played an important role in the foundation of the Socialist International socialist group. She also adopted the name of her partner, the Russian revolutionary Ossip Zetkin, with whom she had two sons. Later, Zetkin was married to the artist Georg Friedrich Zundel from 1899 - 1928.

In the SPD, Zetkin, along with Rosa Luxemburg, her close friend and confidante, was one of the main figures of the far-left revolutionary wing of the party. In the debate on Revisionism at the turn of the twentieth century she attacked the reformerist theses of Eduard Bernstein along with Luxemburg.

Fighter for Women's Rights

Zetkin was very interested in women's politics, including the fight for equal opportunities and women's suffrage. She developed the social-democratic women's movement in Germany; from 1891 to 1917 she edited the SPD women's newspaper "Die Gleichheit" (Equality). In 1907 she became the leader of the newly-founded "Women's Office" at the SPD. She started up the first "International Women's Day" on 8 March 1911.

During the first world war, Zetkin, along with Karl Liebknecht, Rosa Luxemburg and other influential SPD politicians, rejected the party's policy of Burgfrieden (a truce with the government, promising to refrain from any strikes during the war). Among other anti-war activities, Zetkin organised an international socialist women's anti-war conference in Berlin in 1915. Because of her anti-war opinions, she was arrested several times during the war.

Radicalisation towards Communism

In 1916 Zetkin was one of the co-founders of the Spartacist League and the Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany (USPD) which had split off in 1917 from its mother party, the SPD, in protest at its pro-war attitude. In January 1919, after the German Revolution in November of the previous year, the KPD (Communist Party of Germany) was founded; Zetkin also joined this and represented the party from 1920 to 1933 in the Reichstag

Until 1924 Zetkin was a member of the KPD's central office. From 1927 to 1929 she was a member of the party's central committee. She was also a member of the executive committe of the Communist International (Comintern) from 1921 to 1933. In 1925 she was elected president of the German left-wing solidarity organisation Rote Hilfe (Red Aid). In August 1932, as the chairperson of the Reichstag by seniority, she called for people to fight National Socialism.

When Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers Party took over power, the Communist Party of Germany was banned from the Reichstag following the Reichstag fire in 1933. Zetkin went into exile for the last time, this time to the Soviet Union. She died there on 20 June 1933 aged nearly 76. She was buried by the wall of the Kremlin in Moscow.



Anonymous said...

It is important to remember that IWD has its origins in the USA. In 1908, on the last Sunday in February, socialist women in the United States initiated the first Women's Day when large demonstrations took place calling for the vote and the political and economic rights of women. The following year, 2,000 people attended a Women's Day rally in Manhattan.

In that year, 1909, women garment workers staged a general strike. 20-30,000 shirtwaist makers struck for 13 cold, winter weeks for better pay and working conditions. The Women's Trade Union League provided bail money for arrested strikers and large sums for strike funds.

In 1910 Women's Day was taken up by socialists and feminists throughout the country. Later that year delegates went to the second International Conference of Socialist Women in Copenhagen with the intention of proposing that Women's Day become an international event - a proposal put forward by a clearly inspired Zetkin.

The March 8th date has several explanations, including the one on this website. Some say the date commemorates a New York women's demonstration in New York 1909 or a similar demonstration in 1908 on the same day. Either way Zetkin was inspired by her American sisters as she pointed out in her newspaper Gleichheit.

The Zetkin1910 Group said...

Thank you very much for this important information.

We still hope you all find this house an important monument, worth fighting for.

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